James Miller

Weather: Rain, Snow, Ice and Cold this Week

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weather for the week of 1/12/14

It’s been going back and forth between snow and rain for a few days and it will continue to do so through tomorrow.  It may be icy out there, with possible freezing rain warnings.

After that it’s going to dip cold, and it’s going to stay that way all week.  Lows will get into the single digits at the end of the week.

There will be some snow accumulation, but only a couple of inches at most.  Standard week of winter weather.

Click here for the National Weather Service forecast for our area.  This is a very “scientific” forecast.  There are A LOT of meteorological terms, and honestly I can’t keep up with all of them.  But if you Google a few, you’ll start to get a good understanding of some of the physics underneath our weather.  Tough reading, but totally worth it.

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