James Miller

Weather for the Week of 2/22 – Back To Bone Chilling

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Have they plowed yet, Yuri?

Have they plowed yet, Yuri?

I’m sorry everyone, the vortex is coming back.  It will be windy this Monday.  When it’s windy it usually means that the weather is about to change.

A deformation in the usual flow of air around this part of the northern US (CONUS, is weather parlance, or “continental United States”) will leave a small dent.  That dent will be filled with freezing-ass air from the Arctic, via Canada.

Temperatures will be in the teens during the day and below zero at night.

Good news: slight chance of snow Monday through Tuesday, but that it’s.  Just be careful of the ice.  It’s everywhere.  Walking and driving are still risky.

School closure prediction: Seems unlikely.  Temperature on Thursday night will be -5, and that’s the lowest of this school week.  That’s probably not low enough to cancel.

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