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2014 Fair Queen Contestants Announced

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The fair is just around the corner and for one of twelve Manchester girls, on June 17th, so is a crown and the title 2014 Fair Queen. Competing this year in the 54th Manchester Fair Queen competition are freshmen: Catherine Knight, Abbegail Hamilton, and Loretta Westcott (alternate: Delanie Osborne); sophomores: Abigail Proctor, Leah Nitchie and Callie Simpson (alternate: Felicia Bianco); juniors: Sydnie Ahrens, Selena Brown and Kayla Knasiak (alternate: Isabella Kellar); and seniors: Emily Proctor, Kayla Boote, and Taylor Withrow (alternate: Holleigh Frey).

The girls, all Manchester High School students, are chosen by their classmates in late February. They will be interviewed privately before the fair parade, meeting with 2 of the 6 judges at a time and asked many different questions. They will then ride in the parade in convertibles which will end at the fair grounds. The girls will then each be introduced and asked a question prepared by Angie Schaible, Chairperson for the Fair Queen contest. The judges will then finalize a score for each contestant and the scores will be tallied. Schaible explained that judges are chosen who do not know any of the contestants, usually from surrounding towns, to avoid conflicts of interest.

The Fair Queen will be selected as well as a 1st runner up and 2nd runner up. The new Queen will be crowned by the 2013 Fair Queen, Hailey Ahrens. The Queen and the two runners up will each receive a trophy, tiara and sash. In addition, Miss Congeniality title will be awarded, she will be chosen by the girls that day and will receive a tiara and sash. The Crowns and Trophies are donated by The Manchester Car Wash. The Queen and her court will be at the fair all week and will be on hand for all the many different events such as animal judging, Rodeo, Ladies Day, and the auction.

To help pay the event, the girls do a car wash each year as a fundraiser. This year’s car wash will be held May 31st in the Emanuel Church parking lot, starting at 11am. It is a free car wash with donations accepted. Schaible stated that the girls usually have a really good time running the car wash and she enjoys getting to know each girl and seeing their different personalities come out. This year the girls painted plywood signs that will be up around town. They are 6’x8’ and bright pink so should be easy to spot!

In addition to this being her 11th year as the Chairperson for the Fair Queen contest, Schaible is also a Director on the Fair board, co-chair for entertainment this year, and daughter of the 1966 Manchester Fair Queen. She explained that the contest has been held in many spots around the fairgrounds. Recently it was held under the pavilion and then was moved to the stage. This year however it will be back to where it originally started, the concrete slab where the tractor pulls will be held later in the week. In addition to the return to the traditional location, the high school band is returning to play during the contest as was originally done.

If you have questions about the fair, visit their website or email them at If you have questions about the Fair Queen contest or the upcoming car wash, contact Angie Schaible at


Seniors. Emily Proctor, Kayla Boote, and Taylor Withrow. Photo courtesy of Angie Schaible.


Freshman. Katie Knight, Abbegail Hamilton, and Loretta Westcott. Photo courtesy of Angie Schaible.


Juniors. Sydnie Ahrens, Selena Brown and Kayla Knasiak. Photo courtesy of Angie Schaible.


Sophomores Abigail Proctor, Leah Nitchie, and Callie Simpson. Photo courtesy of Angie Schaible.

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