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Letter to the editor: 6ft fences detrimental to sense of community on Pleasant Lake

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April 9, 2016

To members of the Freedom Township Board of Trustees and Planning Commission:

I live on Pleasant Lake and have done so for over 20 years. I feel so fortunate to live in such a beautiful environment and have wonderful neighbors. It is a peaceful way to live and as a 77 year old retiree, it is nice to live without a lot of stress because of things that divide neighbors.

At a time in our world when we talk about working for peace among people, do you really think building 6 foot fences that one can’t see though encourages peaceful living? I know countries like the US and Israel build fences and think they will solve problems. From my perspective, they only make more conflict occur. It is beyond me why anyone would think that high fences are of value. Though I am not a fan of fences I can understand someone wanting a three to four foot fence to keep their pets at home or young children from getting into the lake alone. I cannot for the life of me figure out why anyone would need a 6 foot fence in this community. I can understand shorter see through fences to keep things in but it seems to me that 6-foot fences are designed and created to divide people from each other.

At a time when trust in politicians is at a very low point in America, it is easy to understand why. Common people are no longer listened to or even respected for their opinion. When the large number of people on Pleasant Lake asks you to respect the wishes of a large majority and you move on as if they are not important enough to be seriously considered and taken into account, it becomes easy to understand the low state of respect that politicians now have.

If a mistake was made at some point and a higher fence was approved, does that mean that to rectify a wrong decision, you just change the policy to fit your mistake?

I cannot see what good you expect to come by come by allowing fences of that kind. Fences have a detrimental effect on a sense of community. People need to learn to live together, not solve problems by cutting each other off. Fences have a way of doing that. I feel most of you really don’t understand the people on Pleasant Lake or their needs. I know you have the power to do whatever you want to do but I am hoping you will listen to the wishes and feelings of the people.

I try to live a peaceful life and am not trying to cause any trouble. I only hope you will consider what it means to be neighborly and peaceful as we live together on Pleasant Lake and in Freedom Township.


Gary L Evans, PhD
Professor Emeritus-Eastern Michigan University
Pleasant Shore Dr.
Manchester, Mi

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