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MAYS Opening Day

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Manchester Area Youth Sports (MAYS) kicked off its season last Saturday to bright skies and crisp air. It was perfect baseball weather.

The newly-renovated Kirk Park fields of pristine red clay and green outfields were soon covered in tiny cleat marks as the kids made the fields Manchester’s baseball home. Due to the bridge constructions, MAYS had to forgo its traditional opening day parade, but there was plenty of excitement. Slide mats and a pitching speed cage were there to practice with. The Men’s Club donated and cooked hot dogs, The Lion’s Club provided the sound system, Manchester Market donated water, and Frank’s Place donated chocolate chip cookies.

Their donations were just part of what the community gave to make this opening day spectacular. The $90,ooo Kirk Park renovation was initiated by 5 Healthy Towns, but many Manchester businesses, organizations, and residents gave to make up that sum, a fact that Village President Pat Vailliencourt reminded players and parents about during her opening invocation. “Your parents and grandparents made a lot of memories here,” she said. “Now it’s up to you to represent Manchester.”

Michelle Dettling sang the national anthem, and then it was the running of the bases, and “PLAY BALL!”IMG_20160430_084431103 IMG_20160430_084930027_HDR IMG_20160430_085934984 IMG_20160430_090348979 IMG_20160430_091257564 IMG_20160430_091558258

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