Sara Swanson

Weekly community weight loss & activity challenge update: Week 2

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screen-shot-2016-08-28-at-6-14-57-pmWeek 2 Progress Report:

  • 143 people have registered
  • 61 people have received a free activity tracker
  • 31 people are using trackers they already had
  • 70 weekly reports received as of 9/16/16
    • Group totals:
      • 2,184 miles walked (distance from Manchester to Seattle, WA)
      • 5,220,068 steps (Yes, over 5 million steps already!)

You can join too! Sign up at the Manchester Wellness Center located behind the Middle School or at the Farmers Market on Thursday. The program is free. To qualify, you must live or work in Manchester.

Sponsored by 5 Healthy Towns Foundation

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