Sara Swanson

Letter to the Editor: Teen commended for standing up to friends

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Hammond_1B_typewriterOct. 1, 2016

Dear Editor,

While at Carr Park with my two young children on Saturday, 10/1/16, I was very disappointed that a group of teenage boys had overtaken (literally sitting on the roof of) the barn structure, and with no restraint spoke with profanity in the midst of my young family. While it’s been easy for me to focus on how, after kindly being asked not to curse in the hearing of my kids, one adolescent boasted with colorful language that they can say whatever they want in a public park, I’d like to instead commend one of his companions for having enough sense to tell him that it would be common courtesy to stop. Clearly, exercising one’s rights without discretion is foolishness, and it’s easy as a youth (or adult!) to go along with the crowd in such folly; however, one young man had enough character to briefly speak out against the immaturity of his friend, and I’d like to offer my thanks to him, and would like to encourage him to continue to grow in character. It’ll serve you well in life, young man.

Dr. Sara Weidmayer, Bridgwater Township, MI

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