Sara Swanson

Halloween 2016 – caramel apples, pumpkin bowling, trick-or-treating

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Manchester was full of local and out-of-town trick-or-treaters last Monday night. Barry Allen of the Manchester Lions Club, thought that they had over 200 kids participate in pumpkin bowling, but stated, “nobody kept track.”

Elizabeth Beaudoin of the Manchester Chamber of Commerce stated, “It just left you with a really good feeling at the end of the night.” She thanked the volunteers who made it possible, saying, “We could not have had a better bunch of kids from the Key Club. Those kids enjoyed themselves and really interacted with the children.  I give them kudos! Ruth and Mark from the civic club were a BIG help as was Gary from the library. Monty and Joann Okey were instrumental in the kitchen. Cindy Keeney and Lisa Fooke had a blast.”

Kathy Dimond, who worked one of the caramel apple stations, stated, “The weather was great and the park is the best place to hold this event. We saw folks visiting with each other, pumpkin bowling, great music, and the best caramel apples in town. Feedback through patrons here at library is very positive.”

The official count of apples given away Monday Night is 950.

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