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Manchester Township Board Recognize Lyle Widmayer’s 68 Year of Service

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img_20161101_194712508_hdrAs he tells it; in 1947 he returned to Manchester from the Navy and his dad told him “It’s time for you to take my place on the fire department.”

Lyle Widmayer has never stopped serving. On the fire department, as Village council clerk, on the planning commission, and last Tuesday he sat his last meeting as a Trustee of Manchester Township. His official service to the Manchester area totals 68 years. Lyle himself isn’t even sure how long he served as a Trustee. Carl Macomber, another long serving Trustee, isn’t certain either, but Macomber has valued Widmayer constantly being a “forthright and even keeled” member of the board.

Board President Gene DeRossett closed the meeting on Tuesday and invited Lyle to share a few words. “Wish I was able to run again this time to see if I’d get elected at 92,” Lyle chuckled. “I’m going to miss it.”  Township Clerk Ann Becktel, who is also not running for re-election after 13 years on the board, presented Lyle with a cake which he shared with the room.

Talk to Lyle and it is clear the fire department is always near on his mind. He remembers the only two vehicles the department had when he joined, a model T and TMC 36. Within a year the department added a 1946 Ford with a high pressure hose. The Manchester fire department has continued to grow over the past 68 years. Lyle oversaw the current fire station built in 1978. Through kindness and necessity, the fire department’s current fleet has outgrown its space.

One of the last discussions of the meeting was to consider an architectural proposal for a new fire station after the election. What to do to make room for the growing fleet will be one of the first items the new Manchester Township Trustees will have to tackle.img_20161101_194655366


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