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Freedom Township expands planning commission

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Freedom Township Hall

Freedom Township Hall

At their December 13th meeting, the Freedom Township board, in addition to reappointing three current members, voted to expand the planning commission from five to seven members.

A Freedom Township resident present at the meeting reported that the vote occurred after considerable discussion and much input from township residents. Current planning commission members reappointed include Matt Little, Carol Huehl and Dan Schaible. Dan Schaible, who is also a board trustee, was reappointed to be the Board’s liaison. The appointments of Karen Flahie and Jan Pangolin, the two new members of the Planning Commission, will be effective as of January 1, 2017. The other current members of the planning commission are Susan Ochs and Larry Lindemann.

Newly appointed planing commissioner, Karen Flahie commented: “I have been attending township meetings for about 10 years and it’s an honor to be appointed as a member of the newly expanded Freedom Township Planning Commission. I am pleased that our Planning Commission will now reflect a wider representation of township residents. Instead of just sitting in the audience, I am excited to be directly involved with the Planning Commission’s reviewing and overseeing of zoning and planning issues and making recommendations to the Board of Trustees for their approval.”

Appointments were also made to the Board of Review and Board of Appeals. A change to the way monthly revenue and expenses are reported was announced, as were steps to meet budget guidelines for the township’s fiscal year, which ends March 31, 2017.

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