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Letter to the Editor: Don’t over-react to the Swastika on the Pond

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January 10, 2017

To The Editor,

To the people of Manchester please don’t over react this was not an act of racism. Whoever did this act didn’t do it out of hate, they did it to get a rise out of you, and they succeeded. There are no Neo Nazis or real racism in our town. If there were I would know, and I’m serious when I say that.

We have no idea what the motivation for this was, was it to protest Mr. Trump, to attack my family, as all of the Jewish people that live in this town live at my house. The very fact that someone would think it was directed at Islam is rediculious, many Muslims fought for Hitler. I am not saying that they still do but you would have to agree that anti-Jewish views run amuck in their circles.

In closing please just try to respect one another. You don’t have to like other people but please respect others. And for God’s sake don’t over react.

Thank you,
Jimmy Schiel
Manchester, Michigan

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