Sara Swanson

Sesquicentennial parade in need of a organizer

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Manchester Sesquicentennial Final Color - croppedThe Sesquicentennial planning committee is in search of a chairperson to serve as chief organizer for the Sesquicentennial parade, scheduled for 6:30pm on Friday, August 4th. The committee has five volunteers willing to help organize the parade but no one to be in charge of it. The parade will run down Main Street, from the Ackerson School parking lot to Emanuel’s parking lot. The MHS Marching Band and the Dodsworth-Saxhorn Band are already committed to being in parade, as are antique tractors coming for the antique tractor show the next day. All organizations, businesses and individuals will be welcome to participate in the parade. If you are interested in volunteering to head-up the parade, contact Ray Berg at If no chairperson comes forward, the parade may be canceled.

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