Sara Swanson

Math and Science Night at Klager, a community event, THIS Friday!

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One of the snakes students could hold at Math and Science Night last year!

Organizers of Klager Elementary Schools Math and Science Night aren’t just trying to match last year’s record number of attendees, but they are trying to top it by adding even more new and exciting activities to the line-up.

Math and Science Night is free, open to the public and holds interest for all ages. It will take place on April 21st from 5:30 to 7pm, at Klager Elementary School. In addition to returning favorites from last year like CO2 Dragster racing (imagine rocket-powered pinewood derby cars), meeting therapy dogs, displays of student’s passion projects, a rocket launch, “is it a seed” experiment, and pig lungs, this year features a book fair and pizza sale in the cafeteria and a semi truck in the parking lot that students can lift with their bare hands through the power of pulleys, both beginning early at 5pm. Other new additions include meeting a live kangaroo, a musical instrument “petting zoo”, Raisin River information, and this year everyone will get to plant and take home a strawberry plant! At 7pm, Klager will play the movie “Earth”, a Disney nature documentary in the gym.

Also at Klager at 7:30pm that night, for parents, grandparents and other adult family members and loved ones of Middle Schoolers and High Schooler, will be a special presentation, “Drugs 101”. This event includes a recreation of a teenager’s bedroom with obvious and not-so-obvious signs of drug use designed to teach adults what to look for. This event is free and is designed to make it easier for adults to talk to their teens about drug and alcohol use, which is something a higher percentage of Manchester adults have expressed issues with, compared to adults in surrounding areas. If attendees have young children as well as teens, they are invited to leave them to watch the movie in a supervised capacity.

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