Sara Swanson

Letter to the Editor: Don’t let Sharon Township go to “POT”

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Apr 27, 2017

In 1973 we moved our family to Manchester. We chose property in Sharon Township and found a beautiful place on Jacob Road. We built our home and raised our family in this beautiful community we still call home.

It seems that our beautiful neighborhood is going to “POT,” literally. The first “grow barn” was slid in through the cracks, so to speak, on Washburne Rd. and no one knew what was happening. It seems that the majority of the neighborhood still does not realize what is happening to this beautiful area of rolling hills and farm land. My idea of Sharon Township is not the Pot capital of Western Washtenaw County…which is what it will be if the residents continue to be in the dark about what is happening right under their noses. Having a pot farm in close proximity to your home is not what you want…as it literally STINKS!!

Please beware and be informed as to what is happening in our township and put a stop to the “powers that be,” or so they think, that are trying to slide this on through with the neighbors in Sharon not having a clue as to what is happening. Meetings are sometimes not posted and it sounds as if there is an agenda no one is aware of.

Having a huge “grow” facility next door or in your neighborhood will bring your property values DOWN! An undertaking such as this is Commercial not Agricultural! It’s all about $$$ and the powers that be do not care what the residents think, they just want to slide this on through. I am ashamed that this is happening in Sharon!

We have since moved but still have a vested interest in Sharon Township as property owners there. Do we want property values to decline due to sneaky underhanded Township officials who want to push this horrible thing into our Township and community? NO! Put a stop to this! Attend meetings and voice your opinion! The township is made up of residents who all have a right to say what they believe in and I say this is WRONG!!

Susan E. Lavender
Sharon Township property owner


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