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Village gets $5,000 grant for signage

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Signage similar to this will be erected at two points near the shared use trail in the village, to help visitors and residents alike to familiarize themselves with walking opportunities and community events.

Part of a grant approved last month by the Washtenaw County Convention and Visitors Bureau will help the Village of Manchester provide new signs to direct residents and visitors alike to the Shared Use Trail, the Leonard Preserve, and Chi-Bro Park trails.

The $5,000, part of a “CTAP” (Community Tourism Action Plan) grant, will be allocated to design and install two way-finding signs along the Manchester Shared Use Trail Route, according to Ray Berg.

“The signs will have a plastic enclosed update-able map, directional arrows, and a plastic insert box for placing brochures,” he explains. “The signs will assist with growing traffic on the trail, out-of town visitors who park nearby to access the trailheads, and to update regular visitors to the nearby parks.”

According to Berg, a sign will be installed at the junction of the Union Street/Shared-Use Trail/River Raisin/Leonard Preserve entrance, to clearly direct visitors to the Preserve entrance, the adjacent trail entrance, the route of the trail (existing and planned segments), and River Raisin overlook location. The current location has no directional signage at all, leading to visitor confusion. Maps and other brochures also will be available for visitors.

In addition, a sign will be installed alongside the trail in Chi-Bro Park, near the M-52 entrance and adjacent parking lot, indicating the trail route, nearby amenities (such as the nearby Kingsley-Jenter House), and way-signage directions to downtown. Typical events at these locations will be promoted on the sign, such as the Farmers Market, Business Expo, Canoe Race, water recreation events, and Manchester Area Historical Society functions.

The parking area of Chi-Bro Park will eventually be expanded due to increased traffic for downtown restaurants, stores, and events, and the sign will be immediately adjacent to this parking lot entrance for tourist use.

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