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Manchester Girl Scout troops hold encampment

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Manchester Girl Scouts from six troops ranging from kindergarten Daisy Scouts to 12th grade Ambassador Scouts attended a weekend-long Manchester Girl Scout encampment at Camp O’ the Hills in Brooklyn.

Manchester Girl Scouts from six troops, ranging in grade from kindergarten to soon-to-graduate MHS 12th graders, participated in an encampment last weekend at Camp O’ the Hills in Brooklyn. In total 50 people participated! The encampment was hosted and planned by Senior Troop 41773, made up of seven MHS 10th Graders and their leaders Kimberly Wooden and Cara Chandler. The scouts spent almost nine months planning and preparing lodging, meals, snacks, and activities for all of the rest of the Manchester area Girl Scouts, even custom designing the patch each participant would receive. The last Manchester encampment was held six years ago when troop 41773 were 4th graders. The large number of hours they put into planning the encampment earned them a service bar.

Younger scouts slept in a lodge, older scouts slept in cabins and the youngest, Daisy Scouts, only came for the day. Everything went according to schedule, other than two torrential thunder storms – one of which interrupted a camp-wide Amazing Race! Activities included flag ceremonies, teaching flag etiquette, scavenger hunts, crafts, campfire songs, s’mores, faceprinting and even campfire dessert “turtles” made according to a recipe the Senior Troop learned from the High School Girl Scout troop at the last encampment.

The encampment was a special opportunity for older scouts to pass traditions on to younger scouts and for younger scouts to interact with older Girl Scouts from their community as role models and friends!

2nd grade Brownie troop 40673 arrives at the encampment Friday evening

First night campfire.

Cooking “turtles” over the campfire in pie irons. They are made up of dough, chocolate chips and caramel pieces. The Senior troop learned to make them at the last encampment when they were 4th graders, six years ago.

Saturday morning, Daisy Troop 40216 learns to make God’s eyes out of yarn and sticks.

Washing hands before snack.

Brownies learning flag etiquette.

The cookie challenge part of the Amazing Race involved sliding a cookie into your mouth from your cheek.

The game was put on hold shortly after this photo because of heavy rain.

Everyone was wet for the rest of the weekend!

The prize at the end of the Amazing Race was face-painting!!

Samantha was a half-cat/ half-dog.

It was a tight squeeze fitting everyone indoors for dinner but it was cozy and dry.

The weather cleared up enough for a Saturday evening flag ceremony.

The encampment was hosted and planned by Senior Troop 41773 shown here with their leaders.

Daisies prepare to make s’mores at Saturday’s campfire.

The Daisy scouts brought plenty of warm blankets, hats and even gloves.

The camp was pretty well flooded Sunday morning, after a second storm went through during the night.

After cleaning the lodge Sunday morning, the Brownies created their own obstacle course at the sports field and completed it.

All participants received this patch, custom designed and purchased by the Senior troop.

After the closing ceremony, the Senior Troop which worked so hard all weekend, could finally relax a little.

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