Sara Swanson

New traffic signal at corner of M-52 & Pleasant Lake Road

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A brand new, long-awaited traffic signal was installed by Michigan Department of Transportation on the corner of M-52 & Pleasant Lake Road, last Monday, May 22. The signal went into “flash” on Tuesday with a blinking yellow light for M-52 and blinking red light for Pleasant Lake Road traffic. According to M-DOT, the signal will be shifted into full operation tomorrow, Tuesday, May 30, 2017. Because the two sides of Pleasant Lake Road do not line up perfectly with each other across M-52, the traffic signal will be split-phase, meaning it will feature a staggered green time for Pleasant Lake Road traffic; only one direction of traffic will proceed at a time when the light is green. Both directions of M-52 will proceed on a green light.

While the Washtenaw County Road Commission was not involved in the installation, they are the maintaining agency and will pay half of all maintenance costs on the new signal.

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