School Board initiates independent investigation in light of principal’s accusations

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The Manchester Community Schools Board of Education met in a Special Session on Monday, May 21, 2017. They convened to hear a complaint from High School Principal Kevin Mowrer. Mowrer alleged that he had been verbally abused by a board member on May 10th; that this incident was not the only incident he has experienced, and that he felt that it constituted a “hostile work environment.” He sought action from the board. “I want this to never happen again,” Mowrer said to the board. The board, under advice from legal counsel, voted to initiate an independent investigation of the alleged incident.

When asked to comment, School Board President Chris Fegan stated, “At this time, I do not think any comment on the matter would be appropriate due to the active investigation. I will be more than happy to answer any questions […] after the investigation is complete.”

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