Sara Swanson

Teachers and school staff honored for milestones & retirements

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Patricia Merrill will be retiring from teaching at Luther C. Klager Elementary School after 23 years of teaching in the Manchester Schools. Photo courtesy of Klager Elementary.

Last Wednesday after school, Manchester School staff and teachers were honored for reaching 10  and 15 years with the schools or because they are retiring at the end of this school year. An ice cream social was held to celebrate the occasion in the High School commons. This was the 10th year this event was held.

Kristen Hancock, Leslie Rollins and Brett Whalen were honored for 10 years of service; Hollie Kolcz, Erica Kranz, Brenda Mahan, Terri Punches and Bob Scharpenberg were honored for 15 years of service; while Curt Fielder (middle school teacher, 23 years), Anita Huffman (custodian, 25 years), Sue LaRocque (elementary teacher, 14 years), Patricia Merrill (elementary teacher, 23 years), Rita Page, Cindy Karapas (middle school teacher, 16 years), and Sheryl Staten were recognized in honor of their retirements (positions & years with Manchester Community Schools noted if known).



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