Marsha Chartrand

One More Walking Wednesday this year

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Wednesday Walkers last week were the Klager Kids Marching Band!

Last Wednesday’s Walk to School fun included the “Klager Kids Marching Band,” which set a new record with 196 people participating.

“The kids love to be in the band and just make noise!” said coordinator Kathy O’Mara. “It was a wonderful sight.”

This week is the last week for Walk to School. On Monday morning a regular  “Moving Monday” walk  was held from Wurster and Chi-Bro Parks. Wednesday will be the final walk for the year from all three meeting places (Wurster, Chi-Bro, and the high school bus drop off).

Since this Wednesday happens to fall on Flag Day, Mrs. O’Mara has small flags to distribute to every walker. “Let’s try to hit 200 people involved in the walk!” she encourages. Middle school and high school students can also participate. Last week, there were five middle school walkers, which helped boost the number of participants.

“It has been a very rewarding year,” O’Mara added. “The success of the program is the support I get from the staff and participants. I could not make it happen without the support. I am looking forward to next year and coming up with new ideas to get Klager Kids (and others!) moving.”

Klager kids also walked from the high school, bringing along their musical instruments!


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