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Manchester High School alumni hold 140th banquet

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Many members of the Class of 1967 attended the alumni banquet as part of its 50th year class reunion activities the same weekend. Class members in attendance were: Connie Grothe Brown, Paul Buss, Hattie Spaur Carson, Richard Fielder, Susan Randall Fielder, Kathleen Swank Gould, Carolyn Haab, Mike Hassett, Mary Uphaus Lowery, Robert Luckhardt, Betty Cox Mann, Gloria Dettling Mann, Donna Braun Marsh, Pat Wallace, and Carol Westfall. Photo courtesy of Carol Westfall.

submitted by Carol Westfall, Manchester High School Alumni Association

Alyvia Hock (Class of 2019) sang the national anthem to open the Alumni Banquet. Photo courtesy of Carol Westfall.

The Manchester High School (MHS) Alumni Banquet was held Saturday, June 17, 2017, in the MHS Commons and attended by about 150 alumni and guests. At least 30 classes were represented, from as far back as the Class of 1943 to this year’s graduating Class of 2017. Alyvia Hock, Class of 2019 and a future MHS alum, sang the national anthem to open the banquet, and Fr. Bosco Padamattummal delivered the invocation and benediction.

A proud tradition of the MHS Alumni Association, more than $12,500 in scholarship awards were presented at the banquet, including two scholarships from the Class of 1967 in memory of their deceased classmates. Scholarship winners included recent MHS graduates: Caitlyn Baskins, Lorna Engel, Nehemiah Ingram, Caleb Goodell, Loretta Westcott, Hunter Carson, Hannah Bradshaw, Alivia Johnson, Matthew McGee, Delanie Osborne, Allison Reppert, Emma Harris, and Grace West.

Perhaps traveling the greatest distances (from Florida) were Victoria Ball Curley (Class of 1962) and Connie Grothe Brown (Class of 1967). Larry England (Class of 1957) traveled from the State of Washington, and coming from South Carolina were Dolores Budnik Bunney (Class of 1960) and Karen Bunney (Class of 1982). The oldest alum was announced as Marian Frey Smith, who will turn 102 on June 20th. Marian lives in California and could not attend the banquet but was honored with a birthday card signed by many alumni that evening.

Cheryl Dettling Bauer (Class of 1977). Cheryl spoke on behalf of her Class of 1977, reflecting on her positive experiences as a student in the Manchester Schools and especially, her fond childhood memories of going to the Pleasant Lake School. Photo courtesy of Carol Westfall.

Toastmaster Susan Randall Fielder (Class of 1967) kept alumni and guests entertained throughout the evening, highlighted by drawings for door prizes donated by the Class of 1967 in honor of its 50th year reunion. Short reflections on their classes were given by Emma Harris (Class of 2017), Bill Wheeler (Class of 1957), Paul Buss (Class of 1967), and Cheryl Dettling Bauer (Class of 1977). A letter from Howard Parr (Class of 1937) was read by Betty Cummings at his request.

Officers for the coming year were announced in the banquet program and include: Linda Tomko McGee, President (Class of 1968); Paul Heinrich, Vice President (Class of 1969); Laurie Walz Sanders, Recording Secretary (Class of 1975); Susan Randall Fielder, Corresponding Secretary (Class of 1967); Colleen Scully Kemner, Treasurer (Class of 1981); Betty Cummings, Historian (Class of 1958); and, Vicki Eisele, Membership Chair (Class of 1970).

For additional information about the Manchester High School Alumni Association or to make a donation to its Scholarship Fund, email; write to MHS Alumni Association, P.O. Box 254, Manchester, MI 48158; or call 734-428-0530.

Photo of 140th Alumni Banquet courtesy of Carol Westfall.

Fr. Bosco Padamattummal (St. Mary’s Church) provided the Invocation and Benediction at the Alumni Banquet. Photo courtesy of Carol Westfall.

Some of the Class of 2017 Alumni Association scholarship winners. Photo courtesy of Carol Westfall.

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