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Manchester Sesquicentennial Beard and Moustache Competition

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Saturday afternoon, 63 men and 3 women registered in 12 categories for the Manchester Sesquicentennial Beard and Moustache Competition put on by the Manchester Ladies Society. Some were veteran competitors who traveled from as far away as Quebec to compete, some were locals who were participating in honor of their fathers or grandfathers who had participated in Manchester’s Centennial Beard Competition 50 years ago, and some were just men with great beards! The competition, which started at 4 pm, had quite a bit of trouble with the microphone and PA system. But with patient effort from surrounding business owners who stepped in to help, swapping out equipment multiple times, loaning a megaphone, and the MC Stephen Eldorado “El Chapo” of the Murder City Facial Hair Club keeping the competition going through all of it, things turned around and ran smoothly during the second half.

the judges

The judges with the unenviable job of selecting the winners in each category were Webb Seegert, a 1967 Manchester Centennial Beard Contest winner for “Best Van Dyke,” Ladies Society member and Manchester attorney Laurie Brewis, and experienced judge, Lyman Robertson Jr. of the Jackson Beard & Moustache Club. The winners in each category were:

Natural Moustache and Styled Moustache
1- Brad Filipe of Detroit
2- Bill Hagerman of Manchester
3- Mike Stockwell of Manchester

Partial Beard 
1- Reid Oliver of Tipton
2- Dan “Thunder” Brocks of Concord
3- James Maddix

Styled Partial Beard
1- David Hoch of Berkeley

1- Ryan Sheibley of Fort Wayne, IN
2- Nick Dunny of Manchester
3- Todd Daniels

1- Jason Trimble of Clio
2- Aaron Bushaw of Manchester
3- Zachary Brooks of Concord

Freestyle Beard
1- Jon-Alex Bailey of St. Johns
2- Chris Frank of Fowlerville

Full Beard Natural with Styled Moustache
1- Wayne Haley of Fortville, IN
2- Scott Hoch of Berkeley
3- Matt Brown of Grand Rapids

Full Beard Natural (under 6 inches)
1- Nick Morton of Freeport
2- Nathan Kaiser of Tipton
3- Aaron Branham of Manchester

Full Beard Natural (over 6 inches)
1-Tim Cianciolo of Redford
2- Anthony Morelli of Montreal, Quebec
3-Jeff Kirkby of Cleveland, OH

150 Club (grown last 150 days)
1- Joe Jarvis of Manchester
2- Alan Loomis of Brooklyn
3- Jeremy Jones of Manchester

Beardarella Fantastically Real 
1- Danielle Muntz of Manchester

Beardarella Fantastically Fake
1- Theresa Herron of Manchester
2- Jennifer Trimble of Clio




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