Sara Swanson

Letter to the Editor: Manchester residents need to show more respect for the American Flag

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Dear Editor,

I am writing to inform the residents of this fine community about Flag etiquette. Two Fridays ago, we had a wonderful parade, and as cars, tractors, and even the color guard from the legion passed by not many showed respect to the flags of the United States. The proper thing to do to show respect not only to the American Flag but to the Vet’s that fought for the flag is to place your right hand over your heart. I am not saying this stuff to be mean but many vets are kind of upset seeing no one show the respect to the flag that is deserved. I, myself, am not a vet but my dad is a Vietnam vet, and I am saying this to show respect to him as well. I took a trip to Oklamha this past May and they showed the flag respect. I guess that it just kind of makes me upset as we used to see people doing this and now we don’t, so I wanted to get it out there for everyone to see. I know some people are going to say we can’t, but you can. On Memorial Day we did a program for the students in Juvenile Detection, and they got it, so you know you should be able to too.

Thank you,
John A. Schiel
Bridgewater Township

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