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Regional Model A group visits Manchester

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Bob Anzalone addressing the crowd at his restoration facility in Manchester Township.

Nearly 400 Ford Model A’s (and their owners) gathered in Jackson last weekend for a Regional Model A meet, sponsored by the Jackson Spartan Horn Model A Club.

Manchester members of this group include George & Lois Wacker, Gerald Grossman, and Barry & Peggy Allen. On Saturday, the group had the option of taking several tours around the area, with many going to MIS for the chance to drive on the track. However, about 20 Model A’s visited the train depot in Jackson, then traveled to the home  of Bob & Mary Anzalone for a tour of his automobile restoration facility. Participants were guided from there by Barry Allen (with his copilot Phred the Phrog) to the Kingsley-Jenter House and Blacksmith Shop in downtown Manchester.
Carl Curtis met the group at the Blacksmith shop, and provided background information on the building. The group also got an opportunity to tour the “KJ House,” guided by Barry Allen. Some of the group stayed in Manchester to have lunch, and the rest of the group continued to Grass Lake to visit the train depot.
– submitted by Barry Allen

The Model A group touring Manchester parked on Main Street extending from the K-J house to the Blacksmith Shop and beyond.

Model A’s parked at the K-J lot.

In front of the Blacksmith Shop

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