Marsha Chartrand

Street work to commence soon

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Division Street, from M-52 to Duncan, will be resurfaced by Sept. 30. In addition, a similar section of Torrey Street, will be resurfaced, along with Duncan between Division and Torrey, and Auburn Street from M-52 to Riverbend Drive.

At last week’s Village Council meeting, trustees voted unanimously to proceed with street re-paving work on some streets with the worst conditions in the village.

Village Manager Jeff Wallace reported that two companies were contacted to quote repairs on four streets from the top of its repair list. K&B Asphalt from Adrian presented the low bid of $133,890.99 and this amount was approved Monday night, with work to be completed by September 30.

Surprisingly enough, when contacted on Tuesday, K&B had been working in Chelsea and offered to come and begin the roto-milling work immediately that same day.

Division and Torrey Streets from M-52 to Duncan, Duncan Street between Division and Torrey were all milled  four feet from the curb last week. In addition, Auburn Street from M-52 to Riverbend Street will also be replaced.

“On Auburn Street we will edge the low spots and put and put 1.5 fill on the top,” explained Wallace. “This is the best solution, due to costs and monies available. Duncan, Division, and Torrey will mill four feet from the curb, wedge low areas, and put 1.5 fill on the top.”

Wallace explained that funding for this project will come from the following funds: Municipal Street $39,892; Major Street $22,910; Budgeted 2017/18 work $60,000; and Crack Sealing budget savings $13,700, for a total of $136,502 available. This would more than cover the recommended expenditure of $133,891 as quoted by K&B.

“We are fortunate,” he added. “Most communities have no money available for street repair at this point.”

This is partially because of cuts in state shared revenue over the past several years. Village administration is working on a street repair program for the coming years as part of its long range planning.

The remainder of the street work will commence as soon as K&B can schedule it; the project will be completed by Sept. 30.



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