Marsha Chartrand

“Walk to School” days start up this week with additional location

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Big crowds often join the Walk to School gang on Mondays and Wednesdays each week. This week the program will begin for the 2017-18 school year, with revised start times.

The popular “Walk to School” Mondays and Wednesdays will begin this week for kindergarten through sixth grades. The groups often have special themes for walking days, which are announced by school staff and much fun is had by all on those special days.

Due to scheduling, Klager staff members now need to be in the building at 7:51am so some adjustments to the schedule were required. This year, walkers will meet at Wurster Park beginning at 7:15am, (with a departure time of 7:25am). Adult volunteers will be there to walk with the kids and assure their safety.

There will be a new group starting at the old Middle School, 710 E. Main, and supervised by teacher Kathy O’Mara, who is spearheading the effort to get our students to “move more” as advised by the 5 Healthy Towns coalition. This group also will meet starting at 7:15am and leave the school no later than 7:25am.

Chi-Bro Park is where all the groups will meet up starting at 7:25am and leave at 7:35am. All groups will be supervised by adults at all times.

O’Mara is still seeking out options for bus riders to be able to participate in walk to school, but with current school building and bus schedules, that is proving difficult. Watch the Mirror as well as messages from school for more information if your child rides the bus and wants to join in the Walk to School fun!

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