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Letter to the Editor: Let’s Support our Local Cat Rescue/Shelter

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Letter to the EditorSeptember 27, 2017

I am writing to express my strong support for the Happy Hearts Feline Rescue shelter on Pleasant Lake Rd. in Freedom Township. It provides an important community service in the Freedom township area by saving barn and domestic cats and finding good homes for the cats in the area. Happy Hearts’ services reduce the number of area cats being abandoned or euthanized for lack of a home.

Cats from the facility have gone to many homes around Freedom Township, including mine!  Feral or unsocialized cats end up on farms that need barn cats; at homes willing to provide food, love and care to a cat in need. This service is a labor of love for Jeanne and Jef Spencer who volunteer many, many hours of time and service on behalf of these cats in need. They rely on contributions from cat lovers and donations of cat food, kitty litter and medical care from area businesses and veterinarians – all to keep the cats comfortable in their temporary shelter until they can be adopted.

Though already an approved cat shelter by the State of Michigan, Happy Hearts is now in the midst of complying with additional Freedom Township guidelines to gain a township Conditional Use Permit. More than 50 people turned out in support of Happy Hearts Feline Rescue at the September 5 Freedom Township Planning Commission meeting where this issue was brought up. There is now a Public Hearing on Happy Hearts’ request for a Conditional Use Permit scheduled for October 3rd at 7:30 pm at the Freedom Township Hall.

If you care about the area’s cats and wish to show support for the wonderful services to our community that Happy Hearts provides, please come to the Public Hearing and voice your support! I personally hope the Freedom Township Planning Commission, its advisers, and Board rule in favor of Happy Hearts so this wonderful community service can continue being an important part of Freedom Township and the Manchester area.

Thank You,

Melanie Nau, Freedom Township resident

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