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Cosplay “The Carrier” event THIS Saturday

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Juice Brylie Harker, who was the Assistant Wardrobe and sound Editor, can’t attend the event, but provided several great behind the scenes photos, including Stevie Lee getting ready for a scene. All photos courtesy of Crazy Cosplay Cinema and Juice Harker.

A new Halloween event for this year has been in the works since August. The details have been finalized, special guests have RSVP’d and original memorabilia has been obtained! This Saturday, October 28, Crazy Cosplay Cinemas, with the support of Manchester District Library, will present a free showing of the locally made film, The Carrier in the Village Room, 410 City Road, lower level.

The cosplay group were able to gain the support of writer and director, Nathan White and through his participation will be offering a signed original movie poster and original The Carrier t-shirt in a grand prize basket for a raffle at event. They’ve also been in contact with other crew and cast members, getting inside information to make this event more fun.

Two crew members, Michael Jarema and Douglas Schultze worked on recording 80% or more of the sound effects in a parents basement. They used carrots being snapped to replicate the sound of breaking bones, and water drops in a frying pan of hot oil for the sound of peoples skin melting. Event organizers plan on having carrots to break at the event, to add to the sound effects during the movie. Attendees are invited to bring their own carrots to join in the fun. Douglas Schultze also worked in the movie poster, drawing in the hand in foreground, and the town in the background.

Crazy Cosplay Cinemas has also been in contact with Kaarina Quinnell, who officially worked in props, but did many other jobs to help during the making of film. Also known as “Propette” to the cast and crew, Kaarina was an on-set prop assistant for the film. She has many fond memories of being on set while filming with tools in hand in case anything needed to be glued, removed, or fixed.

She recalls the best times were staging the graveyard, shaking trees, marking red objects, wrangling cats, and late night shoots hanging out with the crew and talent until the sun came up. Kaarina still believes it was the best job she ever had because “it was like camping for three months with a bunch of crazy talented folks who happened to have real expensive equipment.” The end result of all of it was The Carrier, and she hopes you enjoy it as much as she had fun working on it.

Crazy Cosplay Cinemas has announced that Kaarina will be a special guest at this weekend’s event! Bringing along an original script and props, she will also help dressing attendees in trash bags (if desired) to look like characters in the movie … all part of the cosplay fun! Kaarina will be available to answer questions from attendees as they arrive and will have a few minutes to share stories during intermission!

Organizers have also put together a grand prize basket which will be drawn for during intermission and includes a signed poster, T-shirt, and gift certificates from Over the Edge, Frank’s in the Morning, and The Dandy Lion. There will be a 2nd Drawing for a T-shirt and gift certificate. A T-shirt will also be given to the attendee that comes in “the most enthusiastic costume related to The Carrier”.

Doors will be open at 7 pm. Attendees may arrive up to 7:45pm. Pre-movie activities include getting dressed up in garbage bags for, and enjoying Kool-Aid and Popcorn for refreshments. Before the movie, Kaarina Quinnell will be available to chat and answer questions and attendees can look over an original script and other props from movie. At 8pm, Crazy Cosplay Cinemas will give a short introduction. The movie will start at 8:05pm sharp with a 15-min intermission at 9pm for refreshements and a preview of next Crazy Cosplay Cinema Event. Kaarina will give a short talk discussing her experiences and sharing some fun stories of being on the set and the raffle drawing and costume prize presentation will be held.

Following the movie presentation, at 10pm, everyone is invited to The Village Tap and Over the Edge on Main Street for a pub crawl event. Both locations will have special “The Carrier” drink specials for those in Carrier Costumes. Both will feature live bands, and Over the Edge will be playing The Carrier all night.

Crazy Cosplay Cinemas would like to thank their sponsors and volunteers for event: The Tap, Over the Edge, Frank’s in The Morning, The Dandy Lion and Kathy Dimond for letting us bring a fun hobby of cosplay to this village.

“Death or Cats!!!! That is the Question” ~ Nathan White

Juice Harker (right)

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