Marsha Chartrand

Manchester Community Schools Drama Club presents…

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Gram Hawley and granddaughter Cindy Lou run the general store in Happy Hollow, deep in the Ozarks, but there is a new highway coming through and that means Happy Hollow soon will be dynamited off the map.

It’s discovered Gram’s property contains the biggest store of natural gas ever, and a couple of crooks want to have the unsuspecting Gram sign her land over to them. Enter some folks from Hollywood who insist on making a movie about life in the hills – if they can find some money – and some snobbish California relatives who loathe every minute with the weird Hawleys.

“This play is a director’s dream,” says Nathan Betz, Technology Assistant, “mixing comedy and non-stop action with lots of small roles of eccentric characters. It’s one of the funniest shows you’ll ever see. Wouldn’t y’all like to join us?!”

Curtain time is 7:30 pm on Friday and Saturday, November 17th & 18th at the Manchester High School Auditorium.  Children 5 years and under are admitted FREE; Adult tickets are $12; Students (including college students), Senior Citizens, and Educators’ tickets are $10. Come and support the Drama Club in its mission to entertain the Manchester community!

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