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Public Notice: Manchester Township Resolution No. 17-04 Poverty/Hardship Guidelines Resolution

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Manchester Township Hall


2018 Board of Review Poverty/Hardship Guidelines Resolution

WHEREAS, the adoption of guidelines for poverty exemptions is required of the Township Board; and

WHEREAS, the principal residence of persons who the Supervisor and the Board of Review by reason of poverty/hardship, are unable to contribute to the public charges is eligible for exemption in whole or part from taxation under Public Act 390, 1994 (MCL211.7u); and

WHEREAS, pursuant to PA 390, 1994, the Manchester Township, Washtenaw County, adopts the following guidelines for the Board of Review to implement. The guidelines shall include but not be limited to the specific income and asset levels of the claimant and all persons residing in the household, including any property tax credit returns, filed in the current or immediately preceding year: (See attached guidelines)

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Review shall follow the above state policy and current poverty income guidelines adopted by the township board in granting or denying an exemption, unless the Supervisor and Board of Review determines there are substantial and compelling reasons why there should be a deviation from the policy and guidelines and these reasons are communicated in writing to the claimant.

The foregoing Resolution was offered by Board Member DeRossett and supported by Board Member Seefeld.

Upon roll call vote, the following voted:

Aye: Carey, Milkey, Proctor, Moutinho, Seefeld, DeRossett

I, Danell Proctor, the duly elected and acting Clerk of Manchester Township, hereby certify that the foregoing procedure was adopted by the township board of said township at the regular meeting of said board held on December 12, 2017, at which meeting a quorum was present by a roll call vote of said members as hereinbefore set forth; that said procedure was ordered to take immediate effect.


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