Sara Swanson

WCRC imposes seasonal weight restrictions

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Effective Tuesday, December 19, 2017, the Washtenaw County Road Commission has imposed weight restrictions on Sheridan Road over Unnamed Tributary to the River Raisin in Bridgewater Township, Section 31; and Manchester Township, Section 36 Between Allen Road and US-12. Proposed Posting:  36 Tons / 55 Tons / 65 Tons.

Road damage caused by heavy vehicles during winter and spring thawing periods is a problem that affects all northern states. Unless a roadway has been designed and constructed for heavy vehicle loads year-round and designated to be an ALL-SEASON ROAD, a significant loss of strength occurs during a seasonal thaw period.

Along with reduced loading provisions are reduced speeds. For vehicles over 10,000 pounds operated on seasonally restricted roads, the speed limit drops to a maximum of 35 mph, regardless of the posted limit. Speed, in conjunction with axle and wheel loading, contributes to road damage including the creation of potholes.

Most of the roadways in Washtenaw County are seasonally restricted. For more information about which roads are impacted, please refer to the current WCRC Truck Operator’s Map available on the Road Commission’s website.

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