Marsha Chartrand

Helping the Community during the Holiday Season

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Top Row: Randy Smith (left) and Mark Ball (right); Middle Row: Avery Collins (left), Brooke Langbehn (middle), and Kate Pohs (right); Bottom Row: Laura Seyfried, Emma Mrocko.

Over the holidays, Manchester High School’s Class of 2019 decided to help their community by giving a donation to the local Community Resource Center.

Officers Emma Mrocko (President), Kate Pohs (Vice President), Brooke Langbehn (Secretary), and Avery Collins (Treasurer) decided that they wanted to support their community this holiday season. After pondering over what they could do to help, they chose to donate to a local organization in Manchester, the Community Resource Center.

“We know that the holidays are a struggle financially for some,” says Emma Mrocko. “Helping out our local community for the upcoming season is a way for us to show that we are thankful for everything they do to support the school and us as
students. It is the least we could do.”

After contacting Laura Seyfried, the Director of the Community Resource Center, the officers and their class advisers, Randy Smith and Mark Ball, were able to meet up and personally hand over their donation. “We are very grateful you thought of us for your donation,” Seyfried said.

The Class of 2019 wants to encourage others to help out their community through volunteering or donations. To learn more about Manchester’s local Community Resource Center go to


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