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The flag and masthead of the very first print issue of The Manchester Mirror, as we saw it before submitting to be printed, Tuesday March 29th, 2016.

This paper started online in 2013, on Halloween weekend but in March of 2016 we realized there were still many residents for whom a web publication was inconvenient, inaccessible or both so we introduced a weekly print edition.

The paper is largely written on Sunday, based on information gathered over the course of one or several weeks. It is posted online Monday morning. On Tuesday, the print edition is designed digitally, using mostly material written for the online edition, but sometimes containing updated and/or additional information (for example, election results). Once the paper is designed, it is submitted Tuesday night to our printer in Brooklyn. Wednesday morning the print edition is collected, and delivered to our main distribution points: The Manchester Market, Frank’s Place, Kellie’s, Pyramid Office Supply, Manchester Pharmacy, Linda’s Diner, Fredonia Grocery, Manchester Hardware, The Manchester District Library, the Community Resource Center, and a few other smaller venues, as well as mailed to our subscribers.

We distribute 700 copies a week! All free to the reader, and proudly advertising-supported!

Some fastidious readers may have amassed a complete set of papers. But now that we are entering our third year in print, we offer to you a complete set (periodically updated) of the digital files we submit for print each week so that you can look back on the year, and the years.

We will be hosting this collection freely, alongside the digital collection of the Manchester Enterprise (through 1989) digitized by the library.

Manchester Mirror Print Edition Archive

Manchester Enterprise 1867-1989 Archive


A full color two-page spread as we see it before it is sent off to the printer.


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