Marsha Chartrand

Crazy Ca$h tickets going fa$t!

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Volunteer Theresa Herron says she returns to help every year because it is such a fun event. She enjoys how excited attendees get and how truly crazy everyone is in a good-natured way.

An “amazing” response to the pre-sale of Crazy Ca$h tickets has set a record of sales prior to Dec. 31.

“There are only 19 tickets left,” said Kiwanis member Pat Vailliencourt. “We have some awesome sideboard prizes again this year, along with the $5,000 grand prize.”

The March 3, 2018 event may be your last-ever opportunity to attend Crazy Ca$h … a last minute reprieve is allowing this to happen once again at the Legacy Event Center on Duncan Street, prior to a remodeling project that will no longer allow the size of crowd needed to keep the Crazy Ca$h Night going in future years. A change in venue has not yet been located for 2019, so get your tickets now!

Tickets are available at at Ash Auto, Andrews Family Chiropractic, and the Community Resource Center; as well as from members of the Kiwanis Club and the Manchester Community Schools Foundation.

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