Sara Swanson

Quiet Ann Arbor to include Manchester in campaign to eliminate background music

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Quiet Ann Arbor’s website’s home page image.

Quiet Ann Arbor is an organization working toward getting rid of loud background music in restaurants and shops in the Ann Arbor Area to secure a quieter space for community members with hearing deficits, autism, and other populations that may be heavily affected by noise. They are interested in including Manchester in their efforts and as a first step are asking everyone interested to take a 1-minute online survey.

Libby Hunter of Quiet Ann Arbor stated, “Quiet Ann Arbor is an organization, recently founded, to promote a kinder, gentler environment; meaning, more quiet places to study, talk, eat, and shop.  We have a 1-minute survey for people to take which will help us understand how important (or not important) this is in our area — including the Manchester area.”

Quiet Ann Arbor’s mission is to improve Ann Arbor’s quality of public experiences by raising awareness about noise pollution and the importance of prevention and protection of our hearing. Diet Ann Arbor is associated with the national Pipedown, the Campaign for Freedom from Piped Music. Pipedown was founded in 1992 by Nigel Rodgers in the United Kingdom. Quiet Ann Arbor is the first local chapter of Pipedown in the United States to continue the effort in creating sanctuary from piped music in public places. For more information, visit their website:

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