Marsha Chartrand

It’s snowing again …

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… and the Village of Manchester reminds residents and business property owners alike that shoveling that snow is mandatory.

Village ordinance requires that sidewalks must be cleared within six hours of a fresh snowfall in the business district, and within 24 hours in residential areas.

In early January, 61 homes were cited for snow removal and several residents received bills for clearing snow in front of their homes. Once cited, a resident has 24 additional hours to clear their own snow or the DPW will remove it and send a bill for its services.

“We have added a mile of additional sidewalks in 2017, and two miles of improved sidewalks were added along M-52 in 2012,” Village President Pro-Tem Marty Way commented at the Jan. 15 Village Council meeting, where the citations were discussed, and disputed by a resident who received snow removal services from the village. “We have been working diligently to make Manchester a walkable community, and having clear sidewalks is part of that effort.”

Manchester’s snowy Main Street. (Manchester Mirror file photo)

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