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Wellness Coalition looking for ideas to make Manchester healthier

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Start of the 2016 Run Manchester 5K & 10K which received funding from 5 Healthy Towns through the Manchester Wellness Coalition.

The Manchester Wellness Coalition and 5 Healthy Towns is looking for ideas for new interventions to improve wellness in Manchester. Interventions need to help people move more, eat better, connect with others and/or avoid unhealthy substances. Interventions can be a partnership between the Manchester Wellness Coalition and a civic or non-profit organization or completely independent of existing programs. Do you have an idea to make Manchester healthier? Have you seen something working in another community you’d like to bring to Manchester?

Some of the interventions 5 Healthy Towns has previously funded through the Manchester Wellness Coalition were improvements to Kirk Park, the Walk to School program, the youth football league, the Manchester Farmers Market, the community and school gardens, community read, Manchester Street Festival and Run Manchester, SRSLY Manchester, Dance, Manchester, Gazebo concerts, Sweet Soles, MMLB, fresh produce for Seniors, and the Klager Math and Science Night.

The Manchester Wellness Coalition will collecting intervention ideas and preparing a grant request to the 5 Healthy Towns Foundation for the coming year. You can email your ideas or questions to, or to the Coalition Chair, Ray Berg at by the end of February.

Please visit the Manchester Wellness Coalition on Facebook HERE, or on the web HERE.

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