The Manchester Mirror is a weekly newspaper that publishes online every Monday morning and in print every Wednesday morning. It is free both online and in print.

NOTE: We cover the Manchester, Michigan area. We are unaffiliated with Manchester Mirror which covers Manchester, New Hampshire and does not appear to have an on-line presence.


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(734) 328-1386


The Manchester Mirror, PO Box 696, Manchester, MI 48158

Note: The post office box is only checked once a week. If you need to communicate with us in a time sensitive manner, please use the above email address or leave us a voice mail message, both of which are checked every day.


For any information that needs to be in the upcoming week’s edition, please contact us by Saturday at noon to be sure we can include it. If you have an event you’d like us to cover please read this article.

Announcements & Obituaries

We run birth, engagement, marriage, anniversary, birthday, retirement and graduation announcements and congratulations for $10 an announcement. This can include a photo and runs one week both online and in print.

We run obituaries for $30.This can include a photo and will run one week online and in print. If the expense of the obituary will cause a financial hardship, let us know and we will waive the fee. Note: There is no deadline for obituaries. We will do our best to work obituaries into our next edition, whenever we receive them.

Email to place an announcement or obituary.

Letters to the Editor Policy

The Mirror welcomes letters.

Publication is at the sole discretion of the editors and will be in within 30 days of receipt. Unpublished submissions can neither be acknowledged nor returned.

All submissions become the property of the Manchester Mirror and are subject to editing for length, grammar, accuracy, clarity, and civility. Some letters may appear in condensed form.

All letters should address a single idea. They must include the author’s name — no pseudo- or anonymous letters will be published. Please also include your city, village or township, this will be included with your name (but not your full address or email address).

We ask that all letters to the editor address local issues and come from local experience.

We do not publish form letters, letters written to other publications, or letters directed to individuals. No letters or opinion pieces will be published the issue immediately before an election (unless the letter is a response to a previous letter. In that case, the Mirror may, at its discretion, invite a response that will run in the issue preceding the election.) 

Vitriol should remain in your drafts folder, unsent, as the Mirror will not provide a forum for free-floating aggression, but seeks instead to publish those letters that will educate or provoke thought.

To give an opportunity to the greatest number of writers, no individual’s work will be published more than once every 30 days. (If you find yourself with something to say more often than that, perhaps you should contact us about writing for the Mirror.)