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 Sara Swanson

Public Notice: Bridgewater Township Board of Trustees Meeting Synopsis 4-Jan-18

BRIDGEWATER TOWNSHIP BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING SYNOPSIS 4-Jan-18 The regular monthly meeting of the Bridgewater Township Board of Trustees was called to order by Supervisor Fromhart at 7:00 p.m. Four Board members were present (quorum) with 5 public in attendance. Board heard citizen participation. Board approved the 7-Dec-17 meeting minutes as amended. Board approved the […]

 Sara Swanson

Letter to the Editor: Update on Ashkay Island

January 2, 2018 Dear Editor: We are the attorneys for Ashkay Island, LLC. Some weeks ago, the Mirror published an article about Ashkay Island and reported a possible controversy with Manchester Township. Ashkay Island is a single family dwelling under the terms and provisions of the Manchester Township Zoning Ordinance. It meets all requirements and […]

 Sara Swanson

Letter to the Editor: One plus one is more than two

January 4, 2018 When I was a director of a small department at Chelsea Community Hospital my boss (Maggie Morehouse) taught me one of the best things I ever learned about leadership and life. She said some people lead with an attitude of abundance. Working together, there is enough for everyone. Others lead with an […]

Manchester Mirror print edition digital archive now available

This paper started online in 2013, on Halloween weekend but in March of 2016 we realized there were still many residents for whom a web publication was inconvenient, inaccessible or both so we introduced a weekly print edition. The paper is largely written on Sunday, based on information gathered over the course of one or several […]

 Marsha Chartrand

Letter: Thanks for supporting the luminaria

To the Editor: The Manchester Lions Club thanks ALL who participated in this year’s Christmas Eve Luminaria. Despite the snow, the Village looked wonderful all along Main Street and beyond. We sold more luminaria kits this year than we have in the past five years, helping to keep this Manchester tradition alive. Also thanks go to […]

 Marsha Chartrand

Senior Newsletter THE TRUMPETER – January 2018

The January 2018 edition of Manchester’s Newsletter for Seniors, THE TRUMPETER, is now available. Download it here:  Jan. 2018 Trumpeter

 Sara Swanson

Reminder: No edition next week

The Manchester Mirror publishes every week except the week of Christmas, so this will be our last edition until January. We’d like to thank everyone for another wonderful year. See you in 2018!

 Sara Swanson

Public Notice: A resolution to allow local residents to protest in writing to the 2018 Manchester Township Board of Review

RESOLUTION NO. 17-06 A RESOLUTION TO ALLOW LOCAL RESIDENTS TO PROTEST IN WRITING TO THE 2018 BOARD OF REVIEW Manchester Township Board of Trustees December 12, 2017 WHEREAS, in order to ease the burden on taxpayers, the Assessor and the Board of Review; and WHEREAS, to ensure that all taxpayers have an equal opportunity to […]

 Sara Swanson

Public Notice: Manchester Township Resolution No. 17-04 Poverty/Hardship Guidelines Resolution

RESOLUTION NO. 17-04 2018 Board of Review Poverty/Hardship Guidelines Resolution WHEREAS, the adoption of guidelines for poverty exemptions is required of the Township Board; and WHEREAS, the principal residence of persons who the Supervisor and the Board of Review by reason of poverty/hardship, are unable to contribute to the public charges is eligible for exemption […]

 Sara Swanson

Public Notice: Manchester Township Resolution No. 17-05 regarding 2018 March Board of Review

RESOLUTION NO. 17-05 RESOLUTION AND OVERVIEW regarding 2018 March Board of Review PA 194 of 2003 provides for alternate starting dates for the township board of review’s first meeting in March. A township board may authorize an alternate starting date by an ordinance or resolution. MTA recommends township boards who wish to provide an alternate […]