Sara Swanson

St. Mary’s Fish Fries are returning after 10-year hiatus!

For many years, Manchester’s St. Mary Catholic Church held a regionally famous Lenten fish fry every Friday at the parish center. But because of outdated equipment, the events eventually were discontinued. Now, after a 10-year hiatus, they are returning! Enjoy a delicious fish dinner each Friday in Lent (with the exception of Good Friday) from February 16 […]

Manchester Township Board one step closer to bringing broadband

On Tuesday, January 10th 2018, the Manchester Township Board voted unanimously to seek bids from companies who would perform a feasibility study regarding delivering broadband internet to the entire township and village. A feasibility study will establish how much it will cost to build a broadband network, how much the network will cost to run, […]

 Sara Swanson

Girl Scout cookie sales have started & feature new cookie, the S’more!

Are you a fan of Girl Scout cookies? Good news! Girl Scout Cookie sales have started in the Manchester area, and this year there is a new kind of cookie, S’mores. S’mores feature crunchy graham cookies filled with a layer of chocolate and a layer of marshmallow-flavored filling based on the popular campfire snack invented by Girl […]

 Sara Swanson

Second student gun threat a ploy for another day off from school

The Manchester community took to social media early last Monday morning in concern and confusion when information began to spread from parent to parent that there had been a threat of violence involving guns made by a student over the internet Sunday night. This was the second threat of this type in two months in the […]

 Sara Swanson

Quiet Ann Arbor to include Manchester in campaign to eliminate background music

Quiet Ann Arbor is an organization working toward getting rid of loud background music in restaurants and shops in the Ann Arbor Area to secure a quieter space for community members with hearing deficits, autism, and other populations that may be heavily affected by noise. They are interested in including Manchester in their efforts and […]

 Sara Swanson

New Year’s resolution to lose weight? MMLB participants have already lost 600 pounds since September!

submitted by Ruth VanBogelen, MMLB This year’s 2000 Pound Community Challenge (called MMLB) is going great! Sixty-two people have lost nearly 600 pounds lost since September 1, 2017 (596.5 pounds to be exact). This 600 pounds is net loss – so if people have lost and then gained, we are only counting the amount lost […]

 Sara Swanson

Manchester to host 2018 5HT Farm-to-Table Fabulous Feast

Beginning in 2016 with a street dinner in Chelsea, the 5HealthyTowns Foundation has been holding a Farm-to-Table Fabulous Feast in each of the five communities it serves in order to raise money for the communities’ farmers markets. Last year, it was held in Grass Lake, and this year it will be held in Manchester! Organizers […]

 Sara Swanson

Manchester Fire Department trains to respond during active shooter situation

In 1999, twelve students and one teacher died at during the Columbine High School shooting. At that time, EMS and fire fighters would stand by away from the scene until the suspect was incapacitated and the police department cleared each room of the building. This could, and in the case of Columbine did, take several […]

Manchester Township Board to decide future of Broadband in Township at January 9th meeting

Last summer, Manchester Township’s board conducted a survey of residents to determine access to and interest in fixed broadband internet access, defined by the FCC is download speeds of 25 megabits per second or greater. The survey showed that outside of the village, only 3% of Manchester Township residents have fixed broadband internet access. In that same […]

 Marsha Chartrand

Helping the Community during the Holiday Season

Over the holidays, Manchester High School’s Class of 2019 decided to help their community by giving a donation to the local Community Resource Center. Officers Emma Mrocko (President), Kate Pohs (Vice President), Brooke Langbehn (Secretary), and Avery Collins (Treasurer) decided that they wanted to support their community this holiday season. After pondering over what they could […]

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