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 Sara Swanson

Klager Elementary 2017 Talent Show (photos)

Klager Elementary’s PTO held its 2017 Annual Talent Show last Wednesday with acts ranging from singing to tumbling to dancing to jump roping.

 Sara Swanson

Klager students decorate brown paper bags for the Manchester Market during March is Reading Month

March is Reading Month at Klager Elementary School and one of the first activities students participated in was coloring and decorating brown paper bags for the Manchester Market. Next time you are buying groceries, and you choose “paper,” you may find yourself bringing home a one-of-a-kind work of art with your groceries. Photos of Mrs. Stommen’s 2nd […]

 Sara Swanson

Exploding cattails in the Clark & Avis Spike Preserve

In addition to our county park, Sharon Mills, the Manchester area boasts seven county preserves. Located in the beautiful rolling Short Hills of Sharon Township is the Clark & Avis Spike Preserve. Sunday’s record setting warm weather and sunny skies made for a gorgeous mid-february hike and perfect conditions meant cattail heads were sending seeds […]

 Sara Swanson

Snow Moon and penumbral lunar eclipse (photo)

Friday night, Manchester and most of North America experienced a snow moon (the traditional name for the full moon in February) and a penumbral eclipse. A full lunar eclipse happens when the Earth is right in between the sun and the moon, casting its shadow onto the moon. In a penumbral eclipse, it’s just the edge […]

 Sara Swanson

Chocolate potluck 2017 (photos)

Don’t worry if you missed the women’s all-chocolate potluck this weekend; you can find a recipe for one of the dishes in the “homefront” section of this week’s Mirror here!

 Sara Swanson

Winter sunset in the Ervin-Stucki Preserve

In addition to our county park, Sharon Mills, the Manchester area boasts seven county preserves. Next to the Leonard Preserve, which borders the Village, the closest county preserve to the village is the Ervin-Stucki Preserve in Bridgewater Township. The 126-acre Ervin-Stucki Preserve, which was established in 2003, includes over 1.2 miles of River Raisin shoreline. Currently the Ervin-Stucki […]

 Marsha Chartrand

Welcoming the New Year with Walk to School!

 Sara Swanson

Manchester’s first winter storm of 2016 – 2017

With a forecasted total of 7 to 11 inches of snow, our first winter storm of 2016-2017 did not disappoint and also resulted in Manchester Community School’s first snow day of this school year. Kids will have plenty do to occupy their free time if the temperature hits 33F as predicted, as that is the […]

 Sara Swanson

Christmas in Village 2016 lighted parade

Friday night, shortly before the parade set off from Emanuel’s parking lot, parade organizer Denise Collins presented ribbons and prize money to the winning floats on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce. In the business category, 3rd place was awarded to the Jackson Area Tractor Club, 2nd place was awarded to the Lion’s Club and […]

 Sara Swanson

Brownie troop learns life skill sewing their own sashes

Last Friday, the second graders of Manchester Brownie troop 40673, with help of many parent volunteers, sewed their own Brownie sashes. The girls selected the correct pattern size, traced patterns, cut out their sashes, assisted in ironing the hems, then sewed their sashes on sewing machines. While waiting their turns on the sewing machines, the […]