James Miller

Weather for the Week of 1/26/14 – When Will It End?

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I’m going to be late.

Ok, it’s going to be bad through Wednesday.  I’m not going to lie to you.  This Tuesday, you might have heard, will be the coldest day of the winter.  The high temperature will be either 1 or 2, depending on which sources you trust, and at that point, honestly, does it make a difference?

Between now and then daytime highs will be in the low teens.  Lows will be in the single digits or below zero.

The killer will be the wind chill.  Through Wednesday the wind chill will get down to 25 or 30 below zero at night, and will be below zero, or just about, during the day.

Wind like this is dangerous.  Frostbite is a real concern, especially for pets, children and the elderly.  Uncovered flesh is vulnerable after only a a few minutes.  Be careful.

I predict that school will be canceled on Tuesday and possibly Wednesday due to cold.

We will get occasional snow storms of around an inch or less.  Which isn’t bad in and of itself.  But the cold is going to bite us again.  VERY cold weather keeps road salt from working.  It also turns snow that gets driven on into ice very quickly.  Roads will be slippery until it warms up.

Temperatures will get up into the twenties on Thursday and through the weekend.

Keep reading the Mirror for updates and to find out if the polar vortex is coming back to Manchester.

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