James Miller

Weather for the Week of 3/16

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courtesy of the University of Minesota

courtesy of the University of Minesota

It’s going to start warming up, but it won’t be in any great hurry to do it.  Temperatures will get down into single digits in the beginning of the week, but in the daytime, the highs will be in the upper 30s to low 40s.  There is a chance of snow mixed with rain on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

This will get some of the snow melting.  But there is still a lot of ice and snow on the ground.  When rain (or newly-melted snow) lays on top of old ice and snow it has a habit of either a) forming large pools of water-covered glare ice or b) flowing where it’s not supposed to like around your house, driveway, etc.

Flooding season starts in like two days.  Make sure your roof gutters can all drain, service those sump pumps, and hang on.

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