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Books For All Interests: a book review of The Secret of Lonesome Cove by Samuel Hopkins Adams

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by Louise Purfield-Coak

Editor’s Note: Louise Purfield-Coak is a native of Manchester, the daughter of Dr. Wm. and Dorothy Purfield. She has always been a precocious reader, having read the World Book Encyclopedia and The Collected Works of Shakespeare by age 12. She is a graduate of Kingswood School, Cranbrook and has perused many courses of study since. She grew up on Sharon Valley Rd. and after marriage moved to Milwaukee Wi. Between 1974 and 1998, she was a yuppy. She is now a retiree, living in a 3rd floor loft apartment here on Main St in Manchester.


The Secret of Lonesome Cove by Samuel Hopkins Adams (1871- 1950), published 1912:

This is a wonderful “who done it” that has stood the test of time. Readers who were followers of the Downton Abbey series will recognize the flavor of the era in which it is set. Although the book’s location is definitely said to be in New England and the characters are so very American, there is the aura of gentility, fashion, and privilege paid for, in the upper class characters most affected by this mystery. The locals are caricatures of people I have met, somewhere, right in the small towns around this area. I am sure the ability of the author to be able recognize timeless traits in people is why this mystery and romance novel was such a good read for me. The plot was good, but not so complex a thriller, that I couldn’t take my kindle to bed or bath. This story will make excellent fodder for the summer reader of any age. This is a good, clean, cozy romance mystery.

This book is available to download to your kindle for free through Amazon here or to read for free in pdf format through Google Books here.

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