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Time to shake your mailbox

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submitted by the WCRC

The Washtenaw County Road Commission (WCRC) is asking county residents to prepare for winter by aggressively shaking their mailbox this month. Shaking the mailbox reveals maintenance needs that should be performed before the winter season begins.

“We know that winter damage to mailboxes is inconvenient to residents and we want to minimize the problem. Simply shaking your mailbox, tightening screws and replacing damaged boxes and rotted wooden posts helps keep the mailbox secure during the winter season,” said Jim Harmon, WCRC Director of Operations. The force of snow thrown from a plow is enough to knock down an unmaintained or deteriorated mailbox. WCRC will not replace mailboxes damaged by the force of ice and snow thrown from plows. WCRC will only replace or repair mailboxes if the mailbox was struck by WCRC equipment.

Mailboxes are one of the only objects allowed in the road right-of-way without a written permit. The WCRC has regulations for the type and placement of mailboxes that may be installed along county roads. These regulations are aligned with those of the U.S. Postal Service. WCRC encourages residents to review the regulations to make sure their mailbox is allowed in the county road right-of-way.

Photo courtesy of WCRC.

Photo courtesy of WCRC.

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