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Trump wins presidency – Local election results

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A long line around 11am to vote in Manchester Township.

A long line around 11 am to vote in Manchester Township.

As of 2:45 am Wednesday, Republican candidate Donald Trump has won the Presidency. And while Washtenaw County overall went for Hilary Clinton over Trump, four of Manchester area’s five precincts, all except the Village, went for Trump over Clinton. While the outcome of the presidential race was uncertain for most of the night, other races were called early on.

Republican incumbent Tim Walberg retains his 7th District Seat in the US House of Representatives, defeating Democrat Gretchen Driskell.

At the time this article is going to print, with 73% of the precincts reporting, Democrat Donna Lasinski has a lead of less than 200 votes over Republican Randy Clark in the 52nd District State House Race.

With 71% of the precincts counted, Democratic incumbent Jerry L. Clayton has a large lead in the race for Sheriff over challenger Ken Magee.

The Manchester School Board had 4 open seats which will be filled by Thomas Mann who received 2033 votes, incumbent Christine Fegan who received 1843 votes, Karen Rothfuss who received 1421 votes and Jeremy Koch who received 1260 votes, defeating Michael Bossory who received 1205 votes and David M. Bartley who received 1007 votes.

Manchester Township Precinct 1, the Village, had 1,231 of its 1,817 registered voters vote in this election. Manchester Township Precinct 2 had 1535 of its 2058 registered voters vote in this election. All Village positions were unopposed as were all township positions except trustee. The 4 open trustee positions will be filled by Ron Milkey who received 1622 votes, incumbent Carl E. Macomber who received 1486 votes, Lisa Moutinho who received 1375 votes and incumbent Robert Seefeld who received 1188 votes, defeating Daniel T. Burch who received 937 votes.

Freedom Township saw 947 of its 1,236 registered voters cast ballots. Township clerk Valisa Bristle stated “Today went better than I expected! Voter turnout out was 75.5%. The longest wait was at 7 am but we had that line in and out in under 45 minutes and the rest of the day averaged about 15 minutes in and out. Things went smoothly through out the day and we were second to turn in our results at the end of the night.” Freedom Township had no contested Township races.

In Bridgewater Township, 1020 of 1332 registered voters voted in this election. Township clerk, Laurie Fromhart stated, “We had a very busy day but things ran very smoothly. We were the busiest in the morning but remained steady through out the day. At this time we are processing our AV ballots but as it stands now looks like we will have a record turnout of approximately 1000 voters  compared to 2012 numbers of 928 voters.” The only contested Township election in Bridgewater was for Township Supervisor which Laurie Fromhart won with 538 votes over David Horney’s 331 votes.

In Sharon Township, 1,153 of the 1,531 registered voters voted in this election. The only contested township election was for the two open trustee seats which will be filled by Robert Guysky who received 359 votes and Trudi Cooper who received 351 votes, defeating Barbara H. Seabury who received 284 votes and incumbent Patricia J. Farmer who received 257 votes.

Three proposals appeared county-wide on the ballot. The County Veterans Affairs Proposal which passed in all 5 of our precincts appears to have passed by a large margin with 71% of the precincts in Washtenaw counted. The County Roads Proposal which failed in Manchester Township and Bridgewater Township but passed in Manchester Village, Freedom Township and Sharon Township, appears to have passed by a large margin with 71% of the precincts counted at this time. The RTA proposal which failed in all 5 Manchester area precincts is currently passing in Washtenaw but with a much smaller margin.


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