Danielle Muntz

Christmas In the Village: Children’s Delight

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Lunch with Santa, presented by Kiwanis, filled Manchester’s children with cheer (also a fair amount of pizza and sugar). After lunch many families stayed in town to take part in Worth Repeating’s pickle hunt. Nearly every open store front downtown took part, 18 businesses hid a glass pickle. Parents could shop, enjoy hot chocolate, popcorn, or a cookie while their children searched the shop for it’s pickle. Traditionally a pickle is hung on the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve night, and the first child to find it in the morning is treated to an extra gift. Worth Repeating had baskets of wonderful little gifts waiting for all the kids who returned with their pickle list full. It was a grand expansion of the small family tradition. img_20161203_110245118 img_20161203_111057794 img_20161203_112415037 img_20161203_112923639 img_20161203_114250605 img_20161203_123102221 img_20161203_122442204 img_20161203_121533025 img_20161203_124842858 img_20161203_125533292_hdr


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