Sara Swanson

Manchester Mirror celebrates 1 year in print!

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First stack of print Manchester Mirrors, delivered to locations around Manchester, March 30th, 2016.

Wednesday March 30th marked one year of being a print newspaper for the Manchester Mirror! The Manchester Mirror staff, Sara and Fritz Swanson, Marsha Chartrand, Mike Austin, and Danielle Muntz would like to thank everyone that has supported this endeavor either through purchasing advertising, purchasing classifieds, purchasing announcements, donating money, assisting with distribution, subscribing for loved ones, and/or voraciously reading the print paper every week. The Mirror would especially like to thank the Manchester Wellness Coalition and 5 Healthy Towns, whose encouragement and purchase of a year of weekly advertising allowed us to take the leap into print in the first place! Lastly, we’d like to thank Kris Schepeler, our printer, who not only supplies us with a reliable and top notch printing job every week, but patiently answered many technical questions about print newspapers in the beginning.

While we are still learning as we go, we hope to continue to grow the paper, both in print and online this coming year, and in pursuit of an educated and informed population, continue to distribute it for free in both formats. If anything, expanding the Mirror into print reaffirmed for us the need for a Manchester-based local newspaper and we hope through our dedication in staying hyper-local to the Manchester area, we can do our part in retaining Manchester’s identity as its own, self-sufficient community, as opposed to letting it be swallowed up and turned into “another Washtenaw County bedroom community.”

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