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MMLB–Have you joined yet?

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Last year, MMLB participants logged more than 100 million steps and lost 412 pounds in eight months!!

MMLB (Manchester’s fitness and weight loss challenge–MM=2,000 in Roman numerals, LB= pounds) would love to have you join them this year! Last year, in its first year, 412 pounds were lost and over 100 million steps were logged. This year, the goal is for participants to collectively lose 500 pounds (or more) toward the multi-year goal of 2,000 pounds!

To help you find a group that is right for your needs, there are four different subgroups for this year’s program:

  1.  Group 1 — Focused on activity, not weight loss
  2.  Group 2 — Activity + losing weight on your own
  3.  Group 3 — Activity + weight loss + weekly meetings as part of the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP). The DPP has had great success in helping participants prevent diabetes. Take the Diabetes Risk Test to see if this group is right for you!
  4. Group 4 — Activity + weight loss + weekly meetings (or online participation) using the TOPS program. TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) is a well-known and successful program for weight loss.

All groups will be using tools to track activity. If you don’t have a fitness tracker device, we’ll get one for you. The Garmins given out last year might need a new battery by now–we can help with that, too!

There will also be prizes, drawings, MMLB shirts, weekly emails, and other incentives to keep people motivated and make this a fun program! Funding for the MMLB is through the 5 Healthy Towns Foundation.

You can register for the MMLB 2 each Thursday at the Farmers Market, or during regular hours of the Manchester Wellness Center, located behind the old Middle School near the bus garage. Hours are Monday-Thursday, 6 am-1 pm, and 3:30-7 pm; Fridays 6 am- 1 pm and 3-7 pm; and Saturdays from 6 am-noon. You may also register via email–just send a message to, and you’ll receive the registration info via return mail.

Be a part of the effort to make Manchester, “The healthiest town in the midwest!”

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