Marsha Chartrand

Community Bible Church celebrates 50 years

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Members and friends of Community Bible Church held a mortgage burning as part of the church’s 50th anniversary celebration.

Sunday, October 8, marked the 50 year anniversary of the very first worship service held in the Community Bible Church auditorium.

Approximately 150 people joined  together in celebrating 50 years of God’s faithfulness. Church members were privileged to be joined by three individuals who were a part of the church’s beginning 50 years before–Harold and Geneva Keasal, and Wayne Moore.

Several invited guests from out of the area joined the celebration, including soloist Jackie Foster from Xenia, Ohio and caricature artist Laura Loveberry from Quincy, Mich. The highlight of the celebration, according to pastor Ron Clark, was the burning of the mortgage from a church addition built 11 years ago.

Following the celebration worship service, a luncheon was served to all guests in attendance.

Community Bible Church is located at 8400 Sharon Hollow Road, just south of Austin Road. Worship is held at 10 am each Sunday.

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